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When I started this site’s predecessor,, as a freelancer I was happy to cater to the need for non biased technical resources which solve real world problems. Back in Jul 2012 I joined Infocube as Director and Principal Consultant with the intention of creating something bigger than myself. I’m happy to say that now we are a team of over 10 expert consultants and we are growing quickly. So…

If you ever feel the need for expert advise in the IBM Cognos space, Why not call in the consultants who have been pouring their expertise into sharing best practice development for years. If geographically possible I will be more than happy to attend our first meeting and discuss how we can solve your immediate needs.

Kind Regards,
Ben Hill
Director & Principal Consultant
Infocube Consulting (Australia) Pty Ltd

telephone 1300 136 755

[email protected]

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