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Operators in TM1 Rule IF Statements

Do you need to create an IF expression in a TM1 rule with a logical operator? To create something that is like and AND or OR from SQL but do it in a Rule? Look no further! If, however, you are looking for IF operators for a Turbo Integrator process, please check this post. TM1 Rule Operators There are some very useful operators available in TM1 Rules. Use For OR, … Continue Reading

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Operators in TI IF Statements

Ever wanted to create a command similar to an SQL “IS IN” in a TM1 Turbo Integrator process? Or use operators in a TM1 TI process to create a “NOT IN” like command from a SQL? Or wanted to use an OR, an AND or a NOT EQUAL TO command in a TI process? Well, you can. If you are looking for the operators to use in a TM1 Rule, please check … Continue Reading

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