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Checking if an Attribute Exists (essentially an “AttributeExists” Function)

Here is a really easy method for checking if an Attribute Exists in TM1 via Turbo Integrator process. It essentially does what an “AttributeExists” or an “AttrExists” function would do for you if they existed in TM1.

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DimensionElementComponentAdd TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

DimensionElementComponentAdd adds an existing element of a dimension in TM1 into a hierarchy as a child of another existing element.  With this function you can define what the weight of the element is to determine if the values are to be added or subtracted from the parent. For the opposite, please see DimensionElementComponentDelete. Syntax of DimensionElementComponentAdd The syntax is DimensionElementComponentAdd (DimName, ConsolidatedElName,ElName, ElWeight); where: DimName is the dimension you want to work with. ConsolidatedElName … Continue Reading

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