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TM1 SaveDataAll Data Locks

Recently I encountered a situation where we had a SaveDataAll process running every half hour that had started impacting the system performance.  The environment is largely for enterprise planning and we wanted the protection of having TM1 saved to disk regularly through the day to protect against any unforeseen outages. This was largely able to be executed in a couple of seconds and thus had no real impact. Then we added … Continue Reading

Changing TM1 Server Log Time Zone Stamp

Ever wondered how to set TM1 logging to use local time, rather than GMT (UTC)? Here’s how to set the logging of your TM1 Server to use your local time zone

Using TM1 Log Files

This is a great explanation of the different types of logging within TM1 for setting the different logging options to DEBUG mode.  This article was written for people to submit logs to support, however is a great explanation of logs in TM1. For most TM1 Logging, they can be modified so you are not recording at DEBUG level, but rather at a higher, less granular level. The source of this … Continue Reading

Cognos Express 10.2.1 Fix Pack 3 Installation Issues

So a very frustrating day yesterday trying to install Cognos Express 10.2.1 Fix Pack 3 (FP3). Previously I had applied FP3 to the server in question, however was surprised to find that required java files were not present when I went to adjust the settings to display jpg files in BI. So I logged a call with IBM and it became apparent that Fix Pack 3 of CX 10.2.1 had … Continue Reading

How to Restart TM1 Server Safely

Restarting a TM1 server is really easy. And really easy to do it badly. Here is our guide for how to restart a TM1 service safely. Enjoy!

Exporting Data from TM1 to an External Database

I needed to create a rollup in a data warehouse the other day from elements that are stored in TM1. This process works just as well for SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 or any other database engine. Simple Method to get data out of TM1 and into a Database Simply, the easiest way to get data out of TM1 and into a database is to publish it out of TM1 using … Continue Reading


The CellIsUpdateable function allows us to test if a cell in a cube can be written to.  If true, the function returns a 1, if false a 0. Syntax of CellIsUpdateable The syntax is CellIsUpdateable(Cube, element1, element2, elementn); where: Cube, is the cube you are testing, Element1, is an element from the first dimension of that cube that is at the intersection to be tested, Element2, is an element from the second dimension of that … Continue Reading

Change Cognos Express Backup Location

Cognos Express has an internal backup tool that collects almost everything into a single backup.  It is run from the Cognos Express Manager screen manually.  By default it stores the backups it creates inside the installation folders of CX.  Saved here, they are easily lost and also easy to delete when upgrading Cognos Express (where you need to do a full uninstall). As you need to restore one of these … Continue Reading

Automatically Add Formatting to a Cognos Report on a TM1 Cube

So I have my TM1 cube successfully published to Cognos BI.  I have the sort order defined so that I have my elements of my PnL appearing in the right order.  All good.  Now I look at the resulting report and there is no formatting of different elements.  Simple formatting like a single line above subtotals and a double underline below the grand total.  What accountants really want in a … Continue Reading

Sort Order of a TM1 Dimension in Cognos BI

This morning I have been working with Cognos BI over a TM1 cube.  I was frustrated that I couldn’t work out how to sort a dimension the way I wanted it.  For example, in TM1 I have a PnL dimension and is viewed normally with Net Profit after Tax at the bottom, Tax Expense just up from it, Net Profit before Tax above that and then all the way up … Continue Reading