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Checking if an Attribute Exists (essentially an “AttributeExists” Function)

Here is a really easy method for checking if an Attribute Exists in TM1 via Turbo Integrator process. It essentially does what an “AttributeExists” or an “AttrExists” function would do for you if they existed in TM1.

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AsciiOutput with Pipe Delimiter

Yesterday I needed to export some data from TM1 for loading into SQL Server. I know I can connect directly and publish from TM1 to SQL Server, but I just wanted to use the simple method – create a text file and load it up. Problem with Comma Separated Values My problem was that some of the columns contained text that had random commas, so a regular AsciiOutput wouldn’t work … Continue Reading

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How to Create Headers in AsciiOutput

I was creating a text file the other day using AsciiOutput and then realised that I needed to have a header line in there with column headers. The column headings are useful for then uploading into an external database with some confidence that each column is what you expect and also can form the identifiers in a subsequent TI to reload the data into TM1. Method to Create Headers in AsciiOutput … Continue Reading

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WHILE TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

Sometimes in a TI process we need to run loops. This is often done to aggregate data prior to loading or exporting. The TI process we use for this is called WHILE and it will force a set of commands to repeat until the condition set becomes invalid. Syntax of While WHILE ( logical expression); TI statement1; TI statement2; TI statement n; END; Example Here we want to export both monthly … Continue Reading

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Commenting Out Rule and TI Lines

Every wondered how to comment out a Rule or Turbo Integrator process in TM1? Well today I needed a method of commenting out text from a rule and, although I have done it hundreds of times, a brain freeze (call it memory degradation) hit. Anyway a quick check on the internet and I then had one of those “doh” moments. How to Comment Out a Line of Text from a Rule … Continue Reading

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Operators in TI IF Statements

Ever wanted to create a command similar to an SQL “IS IN” in a TM1 Turbo Integrator process? Or use operators in a TM1 TI process to create a “NOT IN” like command from a SQL? Or wanted to use an OR, an AND or a NOT EQUAL TO command in a TI process? Well, you can. If you are looking for the operators to use in a TM1 Rule, please check … Continue Reading

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Indenting TI Processes and Rules in TM1

How to use indents to layout Rules and Turbo Integrator processes in TM1 so they are easier to read.

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