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Turbo Integrator uses different data sources to load data into TM1 and create or modify dimensions.

How to Create a Secure Gateway for Planning Analytics

There are a couple of elements that must be established to make the secure gateway work. There are server side and local side requirements. This post deals with what has to be done on the IBM server so you can connect it to your local data. For instructions on establishing the local side of the connection, please see this post. Server Side Configuration In the Welcome Kit from IBM, there is a … Continue Reading

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How to Create Headers in AsciiOutput

I was creating a text file the other day using AsciiOutput and then realised that I needed to have a header line in there with column headers. The column headings are useful for then uploading into an external database with some confidence that each column is what you expect and also can form the identifiers in a subsequent TI to reload the data into TM1. Method to Create Headers in AsciiOutput … Continue Reading

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DatasourceNameForServer and DatasourceNameForClient TM1 Functions: Use and Syntax

Ever wondered how you can vary the data source for a Turbo Integrator process inside the actual process so it becomes dynamic? Well here is a method. Firstly, define a bunch of variables: sCurrentMonth = CellGetS ( ‘System Assumptions’, ‘No Year’, ‘No Month’, ‘Current Month’, ‘String’ ); sFileDir = ‘\\servername\folder\’; sFileName = sCurrentMonth | ‘ ‘ | SUBST(sCurrentYear,3,2) | ‘ Employees.csv’; sFilePath = sFileDir | sFileName; Then use DatasourceNameForServer and DatasourceNameForClient to … Continue Reading

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Using a Framework Manager Package as a Data Source

You can use data published through Cognos BI as a data source for TM1.  I had heaps of trouble trying to make this to work. It was very frustrating, but I think worthwhile. So why bother I hear you ask first up. Well I reckon that in a combined BI & TM1 environment, having a data set that uses a common metadata layer for both BI and TM1 makes sense. … Continue Reading

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