Commenting Out Rule and TI Lines

Every wondered how to comment out a rule or process in TM1? Well today I needed a method of commenting out text from a rule and, although I have done it hundreds of times, but a brain freeze (call it memory degradation). Anyway a quick check on the internet and I then had one of those “doh” moments.

You just use a hash (our pound sign if you’re from North America) at the beginning of your text and bingo, it is not assessed in either a TM1 rule or Turbo Integrator process.

And in case you’re reading this wondering what do I mean by comment out?  Well, in normal speak that just means that you are going to make that line of code not count when the rule or TI process is run.  So therefore it is awesome for adding inline documentation to your TM1 rules or TI processes.

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