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CreateHierarchyByAttribute Function in TM1: Syntax and Use

Here is a great way to create virtual dimensions in TM1 based on attributes. These allow you to intersect multiple virtual dimensions from the same physical dimensions in a PAW or PAX report. Here we discuss the CreateHierarchyByAttribute function and give an example on how to use it.

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Who Changed that TM1 Data? Using the TM1 Transaction Log

Have you ever had an inexplicable change to TM1 data? You know, when a user comes to you and says, John (in my case), the data in TM1 has changed since I looked at it last month? Well, if you have, here is the solution. And it is really easy!

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Over Feeding in TM1 – What is it and How to Avoid it

Overfeeding is where TM1 feeders are targetting more cells than are required. This can lead to excess memory consumption and reduce performance. Here we explain over feeding and how to avoid it.

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How to Take a Snapshot in Planning Analytics for Excel

Here is how to create a snapshot of a TM1 report in Planning Analytics for Excel – PAX. This essentially does a copy, paste special, values on the TM1 formulae only, leaving all your Excel formulae untouched. It is very useful for creating a version of a TM1 report that is disconnected from the underlying TM1 data.

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