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What is Skipcheck in TM1?

Skipcheck in TM1 forces the TM1 engine to “skip the checking” of empty cells in a cube. So if you had 30 days in a month and data in only 9 of them, only 9 cells would be aggregated to get the total for the month. With the the skipping of blank cells disabled, all 30 cells would be checked to get the month total – three times more inefficient. … Continue Reading

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AttrDelete TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

To delete an attribute in TM1 or Cognos Express during the execution of a Turbo Integrator process we use the AttrDelete function. Syntax of AttrDelete The syntax is: AttrDelete ( DimName, AttrName); where: DimName – is the name of the dimension that you want to delete an attribute AttrName – is the name of the new attribute you are deleting Example DimName = ‘Employees’; AttrDelete ( DimName, ‘Status’ ); Here we have defined a variable called DimName … Continue Reading

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AttrInsert TM1 Function: Use and Sytax

Sometimes we want to create a new attribute in TM1 dynamically during the execution of a TI process. This function allows us to do that and create either a string, a numeric or an alias attribute. Syntax of AttrInsert The syntax is: AttrInsert ( DimName, PrevAttr, AttrName, Type ); where: DimName – is the name of the dimension that you want to create an attribute on PrevAttr – is the name … Continue Reading

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Concatenating Data in TM1 – How to Concatenate Variables in a TI or Rule

I was asked the other day how to concatenate some information in TM1. Joining two text fields is really easy!  Just use the pipe ( ” | ” ) between two variables and they will joined into one. There is nothing like the Excel Concatenate function in TM1. How to Concatenate Let’s say you have variable 1, sVariable1 = ‘Exploring’; and sVariable2 = ‘TM1’; then using sOutput = sVariable1 | sVariable2; will … Continue Reading

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The Pick List – How to Create and Use Picklists in TM1

Using Picklists in TM1 is a great way of ensuring data quality. We explain different types of pick lists, why you use & how to create each type of pick list so you can have in cell drop downs active inside TM1.

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CubeProcessFeeders – Forcing TM1 to Reprocess Feeders

In the rules for many cubes we work with there are conditional feeders. These often cause us problems where the evaluated value changes from a zero to a non-zero value and the fed cell does not get initiated and therefore the rule does not calculate. Background on Feeders As you would undoubtedly be aware, TM1 is an in memory application and extremely efficient with utilising that memory. It is also … Continue Reading

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