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Accumulating Values for a Rolling Forecast

Mmmm.  Hard one.  How do I take a value and then use it for all periods from now on in a Rolling Forecast environment.  For example, I have a change I want to apply to a rate that is then to be used from now until the end of the rolling forecast. Year 2014 2015 Month Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Price             100             100             100             … Continue Reading

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ProcessQuit TM1 Command: Use and Syntax

Ever wondered how you can stop a TI process?  Or if you haven’t thought of it, maybe you should have! When creating a Turbo Integrator process in TM1 you will often get part way through creating the code and need to test it.  It’s not really an issue when you have a short TI process, but if you are doing multiple steps in the TI or are addressing a large … Continue Reading

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TM1 Archive TI Process

I asked Mafia Man the other day how I can take a backup on the fly of everything in TM1 so that if I make changes and stuff up, I can easily restore from my backup. He gave me the following code that is to be inserted in the Prolog tab under Advanced in a Turbo Integrator process.  This creates a full archive of a TM1 Model (in this case CXMD) … Continue Reading

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CellIncrementN TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

Incrementally increase the values in TM1 using CellIncrementN. As distinct form CellPutN, this function will increase the value at an intersection by incremental amounts using the value being loaded rather than replace the original value at the intersection.

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